BOX OFFICE: (970) 744-3747
BOX OFFICE: (970) 744-3747
(970) 744-3747


Candlelight is fully accessible. We are pleased to offer the following accommodations for our patrons with special needs.

Candlelight’s facilities can be accessed without the use of stairs. When booking seats with a Box Office Agent, be sure to mention the need for seating that is accessible for wheelchairs and/or anyone unable to navigate stairs. If you booked online, call or email our box office about your needs for accessibility.

Tables D1, D4, D5, and D8 are marked as tables that are accessible for wheelchairs online, and our mezzanine is fully accessible via an elevator. Tables D1, D4, D5, and D8 can comfortably accommodate up to two wheelchairs. Patrons that need access to their table with no stairs should request seating in row D or in the mezzanine. 

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Patrons that use walkers may keep their walker at their table, if the walker is foldable and can be stored between the table and the wall. Walkers that do not fold must be checked in with a Will Call Agent and placed in our coat closet. Our Service Team and Will Call Agents are available to return the walker to the patron at any time.

Patrons that need access to electrical power for medical devices should request tables A2, A7, D5, or any table in our mezzanine. Let your Box Office Agent know about the need for electrical power. If you booked online, contact the Box Office about your reservation.

Candlelight’s mezzanine in fully accessible without the use of stairs via our lobby elevator.

An accessible family restroom facility is located across from the women’s restroom in the main lobby of the theater.

Assisted Listening Devices are available on a ‘first come – first serve’ basis at no charge to patrons with hearing difficulties. Please inquire at the Will Call Desk when you arrive at the theater.


Candlelight is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are continually improving the user experience for everyone and applying the relevant accessibility standards. If you have trouble navigating or accessing any part of the site, theatre or ticketing system please contact us to have one of our representatives fully customize your Candlelight ticketing experience.

Patrons that bring a walker to the theater are welcome to keep their walker with them if their reservation is at C8, E8, G8, or any table in the A section. Walkers that can fold can also be kept at any table between the wall and the table, but non-foldable walkers at other tables must be checked into our coat closet during service and the show. Our service team will call an agent at the front desk who will be available at any time to return it to you.

Patrons in need of access to power for medical devices will need to make reservations at tables with access to outlets that do not turn off with our house lights. Tables A2, A7, and D5 have full-service power at all times on the main floor, and our mezzanine is also available for full-service power.


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